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Pathfinder provides support for the import of AutoCAD format DXF and DWG files. Pathfinder’s floor extraction tool makes it possible to quickly use the imported geometry to define the occupant walking space for the evacuation model. PyroSim or Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS) models can also be used to extract the walking space.

If you have a blueprint, it can be imported in GIF, JPG, or PNG format and then used as a background to help you rapidly draw your model directly over the image.
Pathfinder: the agent based simulator

Pathfinder includes human models that represent a range of cultures, ages, attire, and emergency responders. These make it possible to realistically portray the population group of interest. Because we use a dynamic level-of-detail to display the models, Pathfinder can smoothly animate tens of thousands of people in real time using a standard graphics card. Pathfinder also provides easy tools to create movies that document the results.
Stairways and ramps are created using simple mouse clicks on landings. Optionally, stairways and ramps can be used to represent escalators and moving walkways (sloped or flat).