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Node Locked License
The node-locked license type grants the right to use the software on one (1) computer. This is sometimes referred to as a “fixed” or “single-computer” license.

Floating License
The floating license type allows multiple computers on a network to share a Pathfinder license. Each floating license of Pathfinder can be used by one (1) computer at a time. When a user closes Pathfinder, that floating license becomes available to other users on the network. You can purchase additional copies of the Pathfinder floating license to enable simultaneous access by multiple computers. This is sometimes referred to as a “network” or “concurrent use” license.

Volume Licensing Discounts
50% off all additional licenses. Save money on multiple licenses - all additional licenses after the first are discounted at 50% of the regular price. Licenses must be purchased at the same time to qualify for the discount. Discount applies to all licenses of equal or lesser value.

NOTE: Pathfinder and PyroSim orders can be combined for volume licensing.

Educational Licensing
Free licenses are available for academic, non-commercial use. For more information, contact us.
License Types