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Michele is an entrepreneur. He founded two spin off at I3P (incubator of enterprises at Torino Politecnico in
energy sector. Michele in last 5 years has developed the Fire Engineering market in Italy creating a lot of
relationship with the main contractors in infrastructure sector. Cantene is the reference for the main player for
Fire Engineering services.
Michele has leaded as Project Director many fire engineering projects. Metro Copenhagen, Metro Roma, Gran
San Bernardo Tunnel. He manages the team of specialists and is the main interface with all stakeholder
during the development of the projects (final customer, engineering department involved, third parties i.e.
supplier of technological equipment).
Paolo, Elena and Rugiada have particular experience in Fluid Dynamics, Fire and Smoke modeling, Evacuation modeling and Tunnel Ventilation.
They have worked on a wide range of multidisciplinary projects providing fire engineering solutions. They are experts of 1D analysis using SES SW and CFD code. He also has developed subroutine of Whitesmoke a 1D code developed by Cantene.
Tonio has particular experience in Fluid Dynamics, CFD modeling, system for the monitoring and diagnosi of refrigeration plants using Climacheck.
They have worked on a wide range of multidisciplinary projects designing data acquisition systems and developing rationale use of energy solutions

Rugiada Scozzari